• Titanium (Grade 5) suspension arms are available as a custom order.
  • Drive sprockets for Yamaha FZR250 3LN3, 3LN5, 3LN6 & 3LN7. These are the same thickness as the genuine part. All other aftermarket sprockets that are sold for these models only suit the 3LN1.
  • Carb kits for the Kawasaki EX250 Ninja (also known as the ZZR-250, ZX-250, or GPX-250R), the EX500 (Ninja 500, GPZ500) and the ZR750 are now available.
  • Carb lits for Suzuki GSX-R400 GK71
  • Carb lits for Suzuki GSX-R250 GJ72

Work in Progress

Expanding our range of Viton o-rings and seals for fuel taps and fuel level sender units. This will be convenient for customers who are buying carburettor kits.

Carb kits for:
  • Suzuki 250 Across
  • Honda VFR750 RC36

Bulk Orders for Trade

If you have a business that rebuilds and refurbishes carburettors or a motorcycle service centre then contact us about our various discounts and order structures to suit your business.

Free Stickers

If you would like a pair of free stickers with your order then just send us an email after you complete your purchase. Be quick because we ship no later than one business day. We have a choice of two colours and you can see them here.

Team Tiger

LiteTek is proud to supply Team Tiger Racing in Australia with carburettor kits for their racing motorcycles.

Team Tiger